Seek Counsel

It is important as architecture students to seek counsel from mentors. Sometimes, it is in talking about your work, which makes it clearer to you. Even talking to some of your classmates about your struggles, might give you some direction. It is important to know that the art of design is not a solo endeavour. As much as we love the idea of the ‘starving … Continue reading Seek Counsel

when in doubt, build a model

Needless to say, BAM is a principal I cannot live without. I live by the mantra, ”when in doubt, build a model”. So it’s pretty obvious that I actually enjoy building models, to get a break from that horrible computer screen and do something with my hands. However, not many people share my enthusiasm for models. The number of people who build models has dwindled … Continue reading when in doubt, build a model

First day of Architecture school, freshman edition

Architecture school is just like any other school except, the desks are bigger, the classes are bigger and we refer to them as studios. If you are like most enthusiastic 1st year students we will go out and purchase every single item on the Equipment list that you received during orientation. These are items that you will use during your time in architecture school. Some … Continue reading First day of Architecture school, freshman edition