5 reasons why architects really wear black?

The real reason apparently has something to do with how before the advent of computers, architects used ink pens which would constantly stain their clothes, so most of them started wearing black to hide these stains, or so they say.
But why do architecture students wear black???

Okay, I think I need to add a disclaimer here, when my friend and I came up with this list, it was 1am in the morning and found ourselves walking back to our dorm rooms in the pitch black darkness. We were sleep deprived and probably hallucinating but at the time we thought we had figured it all out. I don’t even know why I’m publishing this list but anyway, what the hell.

1. We spend so much time in the studio with no change of clothes so black hides stains well…

2. We hardly find time to cook and most often opt for junk food, and black does a good job of hiding that belly and extra weight.

3. We usually leave the studio late and black is good for camouflage at night.

4. Coffee stains are hard to remove and aren’t so obvious on black clothes.

5. We never know what the hell we are doing so black makes us look smarter and more confident during presentations and crits.

Architecture students eventually become architects and after all those years of wearing black, old habits die hard. And that’s why we think architects really wear black!!!

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