when in doubt, build a model

Needless to say, BAM is a principal I cannot live without. I live by the mantra, ”when in doubt, build a model”.
So it’s pretty obvious that I actually enjoy building models, to get a break from that horrible computer screen and do something with my hands. However, not many people share my enthusiasm for models. The number of people who build models has dwindled since the invention of 3D computer programs.
As much as computers have made our lives much easier in some places I still find that there’s that level of separation between you and the design. Whereas sketching and building models are an intimate process. Your entire body gets involved in the design process.
Whenever I find myself stuck, unsure or in need of some inspiration or clarification, I find it much easier to simply build a model. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate scaled model; it can be a little quick sketch model. It will make all the difference. So once again, in my opinion, when in doubt…. Build a model!


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