First day of Architecture school, freshman edition

Architecture school is just like any other school except, the desks are bigger, the classes are bigger and we refer to them as studios. If you are like most enthusiastic 1st year students we will go out and purchase every single item on the Equipment list that you received during orientation. These are items that you will use during your time in architecture school. Some items you will only buy once and others you will continually have to go out and get more of them.

We all did that, we all went out and bought every single item on that ridiculously expensive list with the fear that you might need them all. Truth is, some of those items you will never use and others you will use constantly. But, there’s no need to worry, in time you will figure out what works for you and in the following years that list will become more customised to your particular needs.

Undoubtedly you will want to bring all those items with you on the first day. You will haul that giant canvas bag with most of those items with you in the notion that you might use some of them. Truthfully depending on your school, you might actually need all those things on the first day, but chances are very slim. Experience has taught me that all you will need on your first day is a sketchbook and some markers and pencils. Invest in a good set of fine liners because you will use those more than anything else, and you will keep having to go out and get more.

Lucky for you, you got everything on that list so you have some fine liners/markers in your canvas bag. So if you don’t want to look ridiculous on your first day, just bring a sketchbook and some markers. However, you will and I repeat YOU WILL be hauling that big canvas bag with you for months. If you are like me you will enjoy that annoying side of architecture school. You will always be carrying large heavy things; it comes with being an architecture student. Embrace it!!! Then again, what do I know…

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